FileMaker Pro Users Group - Dallas Chapter


Welcome to the FileMaker Pro Users Group Dallas Chapter.  We are a computer users group that supports software users and developers of Claris' Workplace Innovation Platform software including FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, and Claris Connect.

We meet monthly for lunch on the first Friday of the month at 11:15am CST at Harmonic Data's conference meeting room at 15950 N. Dallas Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75248. We meet both virtually and in-person at the same time, so join us either way.



The Live Web Conference URL is:



About our Meetings


Most of our meetings are about a presentation on a specific FileMaker software topic, often with a lot of community interaction and feedback.


Everyone is welcome to the user group meetings and there is no requirement for attendance other than decent civility (e.g., Golden Rule). The topics we present tend to be intermediate to advanced development topics. Typical topics are about calculations, schema, user interace, scripting, security and plugins.


The meetings are small enough for good audience interaction typically a dozen or more in attendance combined both virtually and in-person. 




  • August 2nd
    • Presenter: Michael Wallace and Eric Clark
    • Come hear Michael Wallace and Eric Clark make a presentation about problems that we can solve with the new AI functions in FileMaker 2024!
  • September 6th
  • October 4th
  • November 1st

Additional schedule info, presentations materials, videos of past presentations, and contact information is, appropriately, in a FileMaker database. You will need FileMaker Pro software to access it.





We are an unaffiliated independent organization organized to further software educational purposes using Claris software and the FileMaker platform. While we promote and teach FileMaker software, we are not legally connected with or otherwise related to Claris International other than we are recognized by them as a FileMaker Pro Users Group, and that is the extent of our relationship. We used to operate our web page under the umbrella of, the FileMaker Users Group national organization, and still maintain some of our information there. 



Presentation Materials and Videos


Videos: Our online FileMaker database* has presentation materials from some meetings and the following are videos.


  • 07-JUN-2024

Avalara / Out of Control Modularity

  • 03-MAY-2024

FileMaker Tips, Tricks, and Trials

  • 05-APR-2024

Steve Sykora / Dennis Burnham

  • 01-MAR-2024

Engage Wrapup and Comparisons of FileMaker to other Low Code options

  • 02-FEB-2024

Engage - Here we come!

  • 05-JAN-2024

Adding a Brain to FM: AI!

  • 01-DEC-2023

Call FileMaker Data API from another FileMaker Database

  • 03-NOV-2023

My FileMaker Cornucopia

  • 06-OCT-2023

History of FileMaker

  • 01-SEP-2023

Otto - Superpowers for your FileMaker Server

  • 04-AUG-2023

A New Look at Claris Connect

  • 07-JUL-2023

Scope Control

  • 02-JUN-2023

Generative AI

  • 05-MAY-2023

Meet Claris FileMaker 2023

  • 07-APR-2023

FileMaker Server Installations on macOS

  • 03-MAR-2023

So you want to start your own business as a FileMaker Developer? What do you need to know?|TAB|

  • 03-FEB-2023


  • 06-JAN-2023

Swift & FileMaker

  • 02-DEC-2022

FileMaker Programming Standards

  • 04-NOV-2022

Build a simple HTML Invoice to Email

  • 07-OCT-2022

Transitioning to UX Design — A Mindset Shift

  • 02-SEP-2022

Claris presentation on Problem Solvers Circle and Claris Studio

  • 05-AUG-2022

ServerManager by Monolithicapps

  • 01-JUL-2022

Introduction to Claris Studio by Harmonic Data

  • 03-JUN-2022

Installing FileMaker Server in the Linux Environment

  • 06-MAY-2022

Data Viewer & Debugger are your friends!

  • 01-APR-2022

Wayfinder Invoicing using Architectural Standards

  • 04-MAR-2022

Whose fault is it?

  • 04-FEB-2022


  • 07-JAN-2022

FM-HAM, a free security Module

  • 03-DEC-2021

Parcel Shipment Tracking via APIs

  • 05-NOV-2021

Progress Documentation via Script Logging

  • 01-OCT-2021

Mapping and charting with Google's APIs in FileMaker's WebViewer.

  • 03-SEP-2021

Kanbans, Grids and Calendars

  • 06-AUG-2021

Virtual Lists

  • 04-JUN-2021

API Basics

  • 07-MAY-2021

Using FileMaker to update your Web Page and WebDirect for public web feedbacks

  • 02-APR-2021

Web Direct Alternative to Docu-Sign

  • 05-MAR-2021

Good Coding!

  • 05-FEB-2021

Safe Signing on Mobile devices during Covid

  • 04-DEC-2020

FM Butler

  • 06-NOV-2020

Inventory Management

  • 02-OCT-2020

Add Ons

  • 04-SEP-2020

A Buyer's Guide to DDR Analysis Tools

  • 01-MAY-2020

Performance Optimizations

  • 03-APR-2020

Is 2020 the year to kiss FileMaker Goodbye?

  • 06-MAR-2020

Claris Connect

  • 07-FEB-2020

FM Design Architecture

  • 03-JAN-2020

Virtual versus JSON


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Thank you to our corporate sponsors for helping make our user group educational outreach possible!

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Contact Info


Chapter Coordinators


  Fred Craven

  Greg Price

  Taylor Sharpe


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